NEPA and The Facilitated Planning Approach™

Empower Your Professionals to Tap NEPA’s Strengths for Seamlessly Integrating Planning, NEPA, and Environmental Review and Compliance. NEPA and the Facilitated Planning Approach™ Is Powered by the Proven Expertise and Experience of the Nation’s Premier NEPA Professional Judith Lee, President of Environmental Planning Strategies, Inc.

Ask Yourself:

  • Does it take too long, cost too much, or cause too much pain and conflict to comply with NEPA reviews for your project?
  • Do you and your professional staff know what NEPA requires and how to make it work productively for you?
  • Are you frustrated with contractors not producing what you need?
  • Are you paying for projects with federal cost recovery agreements that lack commitment or accountability?
  • Do you want more control over project planning, environmental review, and approvals?

Stop wasting time and money and avoid frustration!

  • Partner with Environmental Planning Strategies, Inc. to power up for direct project support, document review, tailored training and/or conflict resolution.
  • Develop and implement productive and environmentally sound strategies that tap the power of NEPA to reliably complete your projects and land use permits with minimal delay and conflict.
  • Experience the transformational power of Environmental Planning Strategies, Inc.’s Facilitated Planning Approach™ and Informed Facilitation™ to empower your professionals – our process
  • Control and manage your project planning by tapping the full capabilities of NEPA to integrate appropriate decisionmaking factors into one package.
  • Complete your project planning and environmental compliance with quality planning and informed decisions, on time and within budget, maximizing the potential for full accountability and commitment by all parties – project proponents, agency decisionmakers, project managers, professional interdisciplinary staff, and contractors.

Faster Integrated Compliance with NEPA, At A Fraction Of The Cost Without Conflict

Integrated Planning and Review™ is the specialized and proven service for energy-related infrastructure projects provided only by Environmental Planning Strategies, Inc., Judith Lee, President, in partnership with Pathway Consulting Service, LLC, Robert Cunningham, Principal. Through direct project support, analytic document review, and targeted training, we assist you to leverage the skill and expertise of your managers, staff, and contractors such that you harness the integrating power of NEPA to plan energy infrastructure projects, complete consultations and permitting, and implement meaningful interagency and interdisciplinary strategies for completing your project.

  • The Facilitated Planning Approach™ provides the NEPA and planning strategies to optimize results, make informed decisions, and complete approvals, with significantly less cost, conflict and repeat planning and documentation.
  • The Facilitated Planning Approach™ and Informed Facilitation™ empower your professionals to work together productively, naturally developing positive relationships, effective interdisciplinary teams, and productive creativity.
  • The track record of the Facilitated Planning Approach™ is superb and unmatched.
  • Environmental Planning Strategies, Inc. also provides analytic environmental and planning document reviews to improve the quality of your planning, contractor submittals, document readability, and informed decisionmaking.
  • Environmental Planning Strategies, Inc. selects quality projects to assist in NEPA compliance, planning, and one-stop decisionmaking packages and remains a completely unbiased and objective partner.
  • Teamed with Pathway Consulting Service, LLC, Judith Lee and Robert Cunningham are an unparalleled powerhouse for planning, environmental review and permitting of projects requiring federal and state authorizations and land use permits, particularly for renewable energy and electric transmission infrastructure projects.